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The contents in the Nepal social capital wiki is aligned with that in the global Actor Atlas.

Smart tagging of development content on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ supports the merging of topical conversations and viewpoints from the participating stakeholders1. #NPlgu, #isicNP, #cofogNP and #sdgNP tags are listed at Nepal #GlobalGoals tag pivot. On the basis of #tagged conversations local analysts and editors can launch local initiatives, and present them, both to interested people in Nepal and abroad2.

How to support citizens and other stakeholders in Nepal in accessing knowledge for development will be explored in a Google+ Community. There is also a Nepal pinboard (Pinterest).

Social Capital for Nepal

Start here: Nepal #GlobalGoals tag pivot or check if there is something of particular interest for you3:

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Contact us if you want to play an active role in the cocreation of the social capital.

Pinterest Pinboard: There is also a Nepal Social Capital pinboard (Pinterest). Follow it, and if you have content to pin, contact us.

#NPlgu tags for all VDCs and municipalities of Nepal

#cofogNP tags for government functions (COFOG divisions & classes)

#isicNP tags for industrial sectors (ISIC sections & classes)

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